Saturday, April 21, 2007


Shia LaBeouf, the former Disney wonder kid, stars in this new PG-13 thriller that reminds us that real evil is only a neighbor away. A modern update to the classic Hitchcock film, Rear Window, with teens in trouble but with good hearts. David Morse gives a chilling performance while Carrie-Anne Moss seems lost in the scenery. An entertaining movie but nothing worth going out of your way to see. It is tame enough to wait for it to come out on network television without losing anything.

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Hot Fuzz

The creative team behind the cult classic Shaun of the Dead are back with their action movie opus, Hot Fuzz. Simeon Pegg plays the over-achieving and by the book cop while Nick Frost plays his comic foil to perfection. This movie is a send up to the buddy action films we all love. The pinnacle of this is the recreation of the classic scenes from Bad Boys 2 and Point Break. These guys are on a roll and I can not wait to see what genre they get their hands on next.

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Vikings and Indians clash in the comic turned movie from director Marcus Nispel who brought us the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Karl Urban, Eomer from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, takes the lead in this fantasy-like epic with the clashing of swords and shields. This movie is violent and graphic like a World of Warcraft game sans the sorcery. A must see for the fantasy fans but a rental for the rest of us. A good Saturday afternoon matinee outing.

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This tight little thriller stars Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale as a young couple whose marriage is ending over a personal loss and they get caught up in a voyeur’s version of the Bates’ motel. Both actors give credible performances without going over board. It is easy to believe that the situation is real because the reactions and self-preservation does not go to the level of being absurd. Frank Whaley is particularly creepy in his role as the motel manager. Rent this movie before planning any long car trips to make sure you do not take any short cuts you will regret later.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Coriolanus @ The Kennedy Center

No one does Shakespeare better then the Royal Shakespeare Company. Upon walking in the Eisenhower Theater at the Kennedy Center you are awestruck by the simplistic beauty of the set design. Each actors performance is nuanced and fully realized no matter the scene or amount of dialogue to be delivered. William Houston , Coriolanus himself, entrances the audience as soon as he walks on the stage and before he even utters a word. Of all the performances I have seen this year, this is by far the finest I have yet to ever witness and can not wait until the RSC returns to Washington to perform other works of the bard.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Titus Andronicus @ The Landsburg Theatre

This is the second to last play for the 2006-2007 Shakespeare Theatre Company’s season in Washington, DC. I had never seen or read this play before this viewing. This play pushed all my horror buttons from the get go and was staged beautifully. It was tragic, violent, well acted and visually stunning. It may not be one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays but man does it deliver on all fronts for any horror fan of the bard’s.

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Reaping

The ten plagues of Egypt come to a sleepy little town and it is all the fault of a little girl who is the devil incarnate’s spawn or a lost angel. The movie is a mash up of the best parts of Rosemary’s Baby and the Omen. Hilary Swank phones in her performance as it is her turn to be the next big name star to add a horror film to their resumé. AnnaSophia Robb has graduated from the American Girl films to become an impressive child star on the rise. Short on horror for me but a worthy rental for a night on the couch.

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Blades of Glory

Will Ferrell and Jon Heder hit a home run with this comedy based in the world of competitive figure skating. The cameo appearances of well-know legends and stars from the figure skating world elevates this film by the stars ability to laugh at themselves and their profession. Jenna Fischer is a pleasant surprise in a role that is revealing and a break from her Office roots. Rounding out the cast are comedy sure bets Amy Poehler and Will Arnett who eat up their scenes as the couples skating sister-brother team trying to sabotage Ferrell and Heder. This comedy clicked with me where Talladega Nights left me standing in the cold.

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This movie rocks. The previous live action movies were fun to watch but this animated movie puts them all to shame. It assumes you know who the turtles are and does not regress into a long rehash of their origin that is not needed. My favorite is still Raphael with his anger issues and deep loyalties to his brothers. This film has more than enough story and character to keep the adults interested while the young ones fawn over the action. A must see for turtle fans of all ages.

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Friday, April 6, 2007


This double-feature movie was made for fans of low budget drive-in fair with all their flaws and inconsistencies gloriously reproduced. Rodriguez and Tarantino hit this one out of the park for the rabid fans who love their work. The imagery is gruesome and beautiful, the violence extensive and comic, and the sexuality of the femme fatales hits you like a swift kick to the balls. This is grindhouse done right. See this movie.

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