Friday, November 28, 2008

Transporter 3

Jason Statham is back a third time in his signature role as Frank Martin with a new package to deliver. This time out the package is newcomer Natalya Rudakova who is cute despite the freckles and poor acting. Definately the weakest story in the franchaise with the shortest running time which is a good thing. I still enjoyed the film because Statham kicks ass and the car stunts are still over-the-top and cool. Why else would you go see this film?

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Saturday, November 22, 2008


I knew nothing about this film until I hit the San Diego Comicon this past summer and the place was a buzz by the appearance of Stephanie Meyer, the supposed next J.K. Rowling, and her upcoming film adaptation of her teenage vampire novel by the same name. Being a huge Potter fan, I immediately downloaded the books to my Amazon Kindle to see what the deal was and was treated to the most bloodless vampire story I had ever read. The film lives up to this benchmark but does it in a much more efficient manner and makes the story better but cutting out the internal monologues. I liked the movie better than the book obviously but being a glutton for punishment I read the next thre novels to see what would happen. The story does get better in the following novels and brings in the "wolves" as alluded to in the first book and Bella does become an even better femme fatale.

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Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Kevin Smith is back on the big screen and without Jay and Silent Bob. Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogan, who where last together in The 40 Year Old Virgin, are Zack and Miri who decide to make a porno to pay their past-due bills after enduring their 10 year high school reunion. The cast also includes Traci Lords and Katie Morgan to bring real porno credit to the film and gives us the best acting from Traci Lords since Blade. Jason Mewes and Jeff Anderson round out the cast of regulars and get their signature Smith moments that will be the talk of the water cooler. Jeff's "frosting" scene is still cracking me up - Katie Morgan is constipated no more!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

The animals are back in this sequel to the 2005 hit, Madagascar. This time out the crew are trying to get back to home to New York but end up crash landing in Africa. They have made it back to their true home where Alex must prove himself to his father, Marty finds out he is not as unique as he had hoped, and Gloria is looking for love and finds it with Melman? The film is a great follow up to the first and the penguins are still the best part. So when are we going to get a feature length film with just the penguins which they deserve?

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Daniel Craig is back as Bond in this direct follow up to the film, Casino Royale. Although one of the shortest Bond films to date it is still jam packed with the non-stop, physical action sequences that made previous film a wake up call for the franchise. Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton provide the beauty while Judi Dench is back as the ball crushing, no nonsense M we have come to love. The plot still maintains credibility with out getting lost in the unbelievable with realistic villians on a grand scale. The only thing I still miss from the new generation of Bond is Q - I wish there was some way they could bring that part of Bond back.

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