Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ozzy Osbourne & Rob Zombie @ The Verizon Centre

I must start out by saying I almost missed this concert and just made it to the Verizon Center as Rob Zombie was taking to the stage. The cliche of topless girls at a rock show was not needed here as they were blasting from the video displays above the stage from Zombie's art work and clips from his favorite cult and horror films. Zombie was great and satyr-like as ever as he rocked the house. When Ozzy hit the stage, his banter was that of an old crazy man yelling to the young kids tresspassing on his front lawn - not a far stretch if you have seen his reality show. But you have to give the man props - he still rocks and better then most of the new bands on the scence now that owe so much to him as one of the original, kicking-n-screaming rock gods of heavy metal.

Click here to check out Ozzy's website or here to check our Rob's website.

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