Thursday, September 30, 2010


Ryan Reynolds stars in this new indy flick that has been making its rounds on the festival circuit but is now finally get to the big screen for wide release. Reynolds plays Paul Conroy who is a U.S contract trucker working in Iraq who is ambushed and wakes up tied up and in a wooden coffin that is buried underground who has a lighter, a few glow sticks, a faulty flashlight and a cellphone who is going to be left to die unless his company will pay his kidnappers a ransom for his release. The film is basically a one-man play with a few outside actors providing voices on the other end of the cell phone as we wonder if Paul will be saved or die buried alive. Reynolds does some very fine acting and the scene with the snake is down right terrifying. Definitely not a date night movie but one that is well worth seeing and a must see for Reynolds fans.

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