Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hatchet II

Adam Green's sequel to his 2006 cult horror hit, Hatchet, gets released to the big screen this weekend and this time out it is unrated and uncut. Victor Cowley, played by genre favorite bad guy Kane Hodder, is back and is working his way through the the family of the kids who saw him killed as a child by his father. Outside of the buckets of blood and the in your face gore, plenty of genre favorites are back too including Tony Todd, Tom Holland, and Danielle Harris taking over the role of Marybeth. I did not see the first film, a situation soon to be remedied, but rarely does anything horror related get released unrated and uncut any more so I had to check this out and I even paid for my ticket. I knew I was in for a good old time when in the first kill of the film has Victor ripping out a man's large intestine, dragging him across the floor with it and then strangling him with the intestine until his head pops off in a geyser of blood - great stuff!

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