Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in 3D

I seem to be one of the few who loved the first Ghost Rider movie and relished in the fact that the comic I loved as a child made it to the big screen in all its horrific, fiery goodness. Unfortunately, Marvel earns a big fail on this sequel where the best part of the film is the making of featurette commercial part of the AMC Pre-show. The filming style and the 3D do not work together making for a jerky mess on the screen, the pendulum swing between CGI enhanced practical stunts effects and just outright CGI money-shots do not mesh, and with a lackluster script with the most bizarre acting by Nicholas Cage makes for an almost unwatchable film. There are some positives like the Ghost Rider does still look cool but sootier, the filming of the chase scenes sans the 3D, and consistently good acting by Idris Elba no matter the film project. This movie is a pass unless you are a die hard fanboy who needs to be tortured for 95 minutes.

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