Saturday, August 11, 2012

Killer Joe

Matthew McConaughey is popping up everywhere lately and now it is as a corrupt lawman who moonlights as a hired killer.  The movie's premise is very dark but falls in to brief moments of absurdity that are still scary and will make you stay away from fried chicken for awhile. But in true indie film fashion we have Gina Gershon giving us the full beaver in just the first few minutes of the film with Thomas Haden Church letting us now what would have happened to Early Grayce from Kalifonia if Adele had put her titty back in and stayed in the trailer park.  Juno Temple is riveting to watch as Joe's retainer for his services yet to be rendered and their relationship seriously pushes the creepy element of the film.  Way to go William Friedkin -  no one will ever confuse this with The Exorcist.

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