Friday, September 21, 2012

House at the End of the Street

Katniss is back...err Jennifer Lawrence...but instead of having to survive the Games she is trying to survive relocating to a new town, attending a new high school and that eerie house from across the way. The plot smacks of remake to this horror junkie and ground well traveled but at least we get Elizabeth Shue back from her starring role in Piranha. The acting is good and Max Thieriot does play on your sympathies for the ostracized kid much better than in his previous snoozer, My Soul to Take. The movie would be fine but suffers from the filmmaker's need to show you the obvious flashback moment that is not ever needed for anyone who has been watching the movie. Stop spoon feeding us these gratuitous end scenes that only give us the impression that you think your audience is not intelligent enough to get it already.

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