Saturday, March 28, 2009

12 Rounds

The WWF production machine is back with another cookie cutter action flick with the same wrestler and the same plot but with a different occupation and in another southern location. This second version of The Marine has John Sena as a cop instead of a US Marine, his live-in girlfriend is Ashley Scott versus wife Kelly Carlson, bad guy Robert Patrick is replaced with Aidan Gillen, and director John Bonita is replaced by Renny Harlin. Even with Harlin in the director's chair, the effects are just marginally better and Sena's acting is reminiscent of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger but with better English. I went to this film for mind numbing action to clear my head and it worked. If you like these types of movies, then maybe it is worth paying to see it but I would rather wait to see it on cable which I am already pay for.

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