Saturday, March 7, 2009

Watchmen (2nd Viewing)

As evident in my previous post on this film, I loved this movie and the adaptation of the "unfilmable graphic novel" works on all levels. The plot point change at the end is actually better than Alan Moore's original ending and makes more sense. But at the end of the day and regardless of all of the other principal characters, this film would live or died based on one character only - Rorschach - the heart and soul of the story as any fan will tell you. Jackie Earle Haley's casting was perfect and how he was able to deliver the psychosis and fear-inducing mania of Rorschach just made me stand up and cheer. Zack Snyder is my hero and all fans should thank him for delivering the goods and realizing the essential spirit of the comic on the big screen.

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