Sunday, April 4, 2010

Boarding House

This C grade movie holds a special place in my heart as being the first R-rated movie I saw in the theater much to the chagrin of my mother with a supposed best friend and his mother at the time back in 1982 in good old Bluefield, WV. The movie, and now the DVD in my collection, was everything a 13 year old boy could want to see - nudity, horror featuring "horror vision", and without my mother's knowledge, permission or consent. There was a bet between my friend and his mother on who could stay in the theater the longest without leaving and I can proudly say I won hands down and laughed loudly as they both left the theater and I was still there watching the "sinful" movie - nothing was budging me from my seat until the end credits rolled by. The joke of it was that with horror vision, a 70's & early 80's riff on the tactics of William Castle and Alfred Hitchcock, the film would flash a black glove or play some odd music to let you know when a scene of "intense" horror was coming up. The trailer below gives the plot but basically it was a movie about a bachelor setting up a house with all girl roommates so he could bed them all but a crazy mental patient daughter of the previous owner escapes to find her house over run but she possesses telekinetic abilities which she uses to kill off the the tenants until the final showdown of telekinetic wills between the bachelor, paired with his conquest of the day, and the nut case daughter ends the movie - just what every pubescent male teen wants to see!

Click here to see the official trailer.

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