Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Matthew Vaughn, the director behind Layer Cake and Stardust, brings Mark Millar's comic to the big screen about a nobody teenager who decides to be a real life superhero who has no powers or any training and runs in to some unsavory characters on both sides of the mask. Like the comic, this movie has very adult themes and definitely relishes its R rating which lets all of the colorful characters from the comic come to life on the screen in hilarious and ultra-violent brilliance. The hero everyone loves and that steals every scene she is in is Hit-Girl, played by Chloe Moretz, who is a 12 year old spitfire who loves weapons, kills like a ninja in a full on blood fury, curses like a sailor but loves her Big Daddy played by Nicolas Cage. After you get past the comedy, the violence, and costumed vigilante heroes you still have a great little story that made the transition for the illustrated page to the screen without losing a single drop of its charm or wit. I loved getting a chance to see this advanced screening and have already twittered my peeps to see who are up for seeing this with me again once it is out in general release on April 16th - just f@#king awesome!

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