Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SeaQuest DSV - The Complete Series

On the list of shows I always wanted to watch but never got to see when it was on, SeaQuest DSV ran for three seasons and tried its best to be the Star Trek of the sea but just could never reach that status. Although produced during the last years of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the production values just do not hold up and the stories are rather weak. The late Roy Scheider starred as Captain Nathan Bridger with the late Jonathan Brandis as the young Lucas Wolenczak, a boy genius much like Wesley Crusher on ST:TNG, with the rest of the cast filled with TV regulars. The second season seems to be the "hippy" years as the crew comes back with longer hair and a more lax military structure but returns to the strict military format in the final season when Michael Ironside joins the crew as captain after the SeaQuest disappears at the end of season two. I enjoyed the flash from the past and recommend the series to Scheider fans but don't expect a performance anywhere close to either Chief Martin Brody in Jaws or Office Frank Murphy in Blue Thunder.

Click here to check out the season one trailer.

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