Saturday, June 19, 2010

Toy Story 3

Pixar and Disney have brought back to us our favorite toys with a new coming of age story that plays on the heart strings like a master violinist. Andy is heading off to college and is faced with leaving his beloved childhood toys behind but while cleaning up his room his toys get sent to a local day care facility in error that turns out not to be the nirvana the toys hoped it will be. All the familiar voices are back with new toys voiced by Ned Beatty as Lotso the Pink Teddy Bear, Michael Keaton as Ken, and Bonnie Hunt as Dolly. Pixar is true to form delivering a fantastic film that is for all ages and a marvel of storytelling with animation that is second to none. Also the expected opening short film, Day & Night, is pure genius with a perfect blend of traditional and computer animation that shows Pixar is a master of animation in any form.

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