Friday, July 2, 2010

Mary Poppins @ The Kennedy Center

As part of an annual traditional, or expectation :), I bought tickets to this show for my good friend Sharon to celebrate her birthday. The production was spectacular with amazing wire work for the chimney sweep number and the farewell of Mary as she leaves the Banks family because she is no longer needed. Normally having little kids behind me in a theater talking during the performance drives me nuts but the little girl behinds us was so enthralled and mesmerized by the show that it was just plan adorable. Mary Poppins, played by Caroline Sheen, and Bert, played by Gavin Lee, are wonderfully cast and deserved their standing ovation at the final curtain call. As always, the Kennedy Center gets some great Broadway performances and this is definitely one you and your family should see before it closes on August 22nd.

Click here to get information on the Kennedy Center production.

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