Sunday, August 15, 2010


Since being on vacation this week I finally got the chance to watch this HBO series that I have always heard good things about and seemed to be up my alley. The essence of the show is a showdown between good and evil with a whole lot of gray in between where miracles can be done but a balance has to be maintained - in order to give life, one must take life. I have always been a fan of Clancy Brown ever since his role as The Kurgan in Highlander and his role as the corrupted Brother Justin Crowe was fun to watch unfold. It was great to see some of my genre favorite actors making up the carnies like Adrienne Barbeau, Patrick Bauchau, and Michael J. Anderson along with other mainstay and indie actors like Nick Stahl, Clea DuVall and Tim DeKay. Too bad it only got two full seasons but they did close the current series story arcs with a hook for a possible continuation which would have made for a really interesting start to a third season.

Click here to check out the series weekly lead in.

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