Saturday, August 7, 2010

Step Up 3D

As I admitted to my co-workers I do like dance movies - even the bad ones - and I have seen Step Up 2: The Streets so why not see this one. First off 3D adds nothing to the movie but makes the cool dance moves look cartoonish which is hopefully not what the film makers were looking for - not everything needs to be done in 3D people. One of my favorite characters, Moose played by Adam G. Sevani, is back in this sequel and his story line is the strongest one in the film and the dance sequence with Alyson Stoner in the street is fun to watch. The plot is nothing new and the focus of the film are the battles which are fun with the cool robotic slam sequence from the trailer still being my favorite. If you like these types of films then check it out but don't be suckered in just because it is in 3D.

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