Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bad Teacher

Carmen Diaz stars as Elizabeth Halsey a teacher who is trying to find the money for a boob job so she can land a financially well-endowed husband to get out of teaching and tries to win the state bonus for having the class with the best standardized test scores to cover the rest of her deposit on the surgery. Although not as funny as Bad Santa, the comedy is good and the supporting cast includes Jason Segel as the gym teacher, Phyllis Smith from The Office as a fellow teacher who has the best one liners, and Lucy Punch as Elizabeth's nemesis that is keeping her away from the new hot sub played by Justine Timberlake. The car wash scene is good and Cameron is hot covered in water and suds but the "dry humping" scene with Timberlake is by far the most hilarious. Not Shakespeare by any stretch but the film is funny and worth a watch.

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