Friday, June 17, 2011

Green Lanten 3D

DC Comics finally makes its presence known on the big screen this weekend even though it is going to be the "Summer of Marvel". Ryan Reynolds is Hal Jordan, the newest emerald space cop on the block, who receives a power ring from a dying alien and must come to terms with the responsibility of being a ring slinger. All comic nerds know the origin story and this one is good enough for prime time with a few strands from other story plots thrown in to insure sequels if it does well. I enjoyed the film even it it was a bit rushed when on OA during Hal's training but Sinestro was introduced well and played excellently by Mark Strong who seems to be the industry's go to new to bad guy. A CGI fest which is what I expected and a good superhero film but I don't see it beating out Thor or Captain America at the box office.

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