Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Dilemma

Ron Howard teams up with Vince Vaughn and Kevin James for a new buddy comedy where one of the friends finds out that his best friend's wife is cheating on him and he doesn't know if he should tell him or not. A bit of a downer comedy but what makes it worth watching is the supporting performance by Jennifer Connelly who play's Vaughn's long time girlfriend. Winona Ryder is good as the cheating spouse but loses out on her scenes to Channing Tatum's ridiculously sensitive Zip. I have to agree with Cecily Knobler's comment from the Jack Diamond Morning Show on Friday in that James's character is not endearing at all so why do we care about his wife cheating on him. Another matinee movie so save your cash unless you think Vince Vaughn is worth it.

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