Saturday, January 8, 2011

The King's Speech

There is a lot of Oscar buzz for Colin Firth's portrayal of King George the VI and it is well deserved. This is a perfect little movie with outstanding casting that includes Helena Bonham Carter as George's wife and Geoffrey Rush as the speech therapist that helps the King overcome his speech impediment but all compliment the outstanding and constrained performance of Firth. The pressures on King George to overcome his stammer and be the voice of his country during the rise of Nazi Germany while maintaining the dignity and propriety of the royal family are overwhelming but Firth captures it all in a very credible and human performance that is deeplying moving. Firth has been an Oscar nominee before but I believe this perform just may snag it for him - damn it he is due! Everyone I know who has seen this film loved it so don't short change yourself by waiting for it to come out on cable - get a ticket now.

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