Saturday, January 8, 2011

Season of the Witch

Nicholas Cage is popping up everywhere and always seems to have a movie coming out and this week it is the Crusades and witchcraft. Behmen and Felson, played by Cage and the always cool Ron Perlman (any thinking The Name of the Rose besides me) , are two deserting Crusaders who are drawn back in by the Church to deliver a witch to a local monastery for judgement and hopefully end the plague afflicting the countryside. The movie is fun with good Crusade fight scenes and decent horrific plague imagery with ok CGI effects when needed for the witch showdown but the film is very short and no great leap in storytelling. I wonder how many more hell or magic themed movies Cage has left on his plate because that ship is starting to founder. With my AMC Producer's pack to keep me satiated it was still a good way to spend my Saturday afternoon.

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