Saturday, September 26, 2009

Love Happens

I was debating whether to go home or stick around at AMC Hoffman 22 - my theater of choice - to see the 7:00 pm sneak preview screening of Whip It and resigned myself to see this film since it would be only one of two films I had not seen yet besides Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All by Myself currently playing there. It was a good decision to stay and I really enjoyed the movie and may have had a tear or two in my eye when Aaron Eckhart's character finally comes clean and confesses his feelings of deep-seated guilt on the accidental death of his wife with her father played by Martin Sheen. Eckhart's star is definitely on the rise with fantastic performances in The Dark Knight as Harvey Dent, in The Core as Dr Josh Keyes, and his breakout role as Nick Naylor in Thank You For Smoking. Jennifer Aniston is good as quirky Eloise who helps Burke finally deal with his own wife's death as he has been helping clients deal with their own life tragedies. A good little movie for date night if you need one in a pinch.

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