Monday, September 7, 2009


As my return to TV series of my youth continues, I just completed a marathon viewing of another 80's classic from Fox TV and the USA Networks thanks to Midtown Comics' collection of bootleg VHS to DVD videos. The series starred General Hospital's John J. York, The Rifleman's Chuck Connors and genre character actor Brian Thompson as the principal werewolves of the show with York's werewolf always being on the run from the part Indian bounty hunter, Alamo Joe aka Lance LeGault. The show is quintessential 80's fair from its visual style and soundtrack with the episodes still holding up for me sporting Rick Baker's werewolf designs refined from his work on An American Werewolf in London but brought to life each week by the talents of Greg Cannom. The werewolf effects are what brought me back each week and the thirty minute episodes kept the shows tight but ultimately very formulaic where you could see the repeated use of shots from previous episodes to save on effects costs. If you love werewolves, in-camera effects and classic mask and suited monster makeups, you will want to check out this series again and add it to you home entertainment collection just like me.

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