Saturday, September 5, 2009

Man From Atlantis

After realizing I was pissing away money on digital cable TV and Tivo service, I decided to cancel my services in an experiment to see if I could watch all the shows I like online via one method or another for the upcoming fall season . While waiting for new fall season episodes to update for online watching via Hulu and the various TV network websites, I have started working my way through old TV shows from my youth that I picked up from places like Midtown Comics to see how they hold up like this week's selection, Man from Atlantis. Although the series is quite dated and it is a hoot seeing old TV stars that have fallen off of the TV landscape, a gem of an actor has risen from the TV land of my past that I would like to acknowledge here - Victor Bruno aka Dr. Schubert. Victor Bruno was the go to villain in all of the shows of my childhood and had, no has, an unforgettable screen presence. For the old Adam West Batman fans you would remember his as the wonderful villain King Tut.

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