Sunday, October 18, 2009

FEARnet presents Children of the Night

I am an avid fan of Fangoria magazine and to my chagrin this little ditty has my favorite horror magazine in the open credits of the film as one of its own productions. It stars Peter DeLuise, Karen Black, Garrett Morris and the lovely Ami Dolenz - who I first remember from running down the beach in the Tony Danza classic She's Out of Control - in the little town of Allsburg USA which is over run by vampires and it is up to the local school teacher, 17 year old virgin and the town drunk to save the town. Released in 1991, it is a campy little romp that went straight to video but featured effects by KNB Special Effects Group. Not a great B movie but fun to watch on a Sunday afternoon for a horror fan like me plus it has Garrett Morris. I tried to find a trailer but the best I could do is provide this clip from the film - enjoy!

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