Friday, October 16, 2009

The Stepfather (2009)

The remakes of classic 80's horror/thriller films continues with this updated sleeper hit that I remember as never being available at the local video store because it was always out. Dylan Walsh replaces Terry O'Quinn this time out as the stepfather without a verifiable past who is about to marry the mother of a troubled youth back from military school, Penn Badgley. The film is updated a bit but that updating seems to be more about having a studly son and his girlfriend hanging out shirtless and in a bikini by the pool or the girlfriend in her bedroom in t-shirt and panties. The movie is not bad and does not surpass the original but is worth checking out. There is a Nip/Tuck reunion tucked in to film for the Dylan Walsh fans but no Terry O'Quinn cameo - what gives?.

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