Sunday, October 18, 2009

FEARnet presents The Exorcism of Emily Rose

It's Sunday morning and the rain has finally stopped so what better time then to check out what is playing on FEARnet to get the day started out right. Today's feature is the 2005 Catholic exorcism film based on the possession of Emily Rose - played by new comer Jennifer Carpenter - and the ensuing court case. The film also stars Laura Linney and Campbell Scott as the opposing council for the trial of Father Moore - played by Tom Wilkinson - for the negligent death of Emily after the failed exorcism. All and all a pretty good film but not high on the scares or creepy factor as you would expect but what does make the film stand out is Carpenter's portrayal of Emily and the physical contortions she accomplishes - without the aid of special effects - to show her being possessed by demons. Good stuff and definitely a better performance here than in her later film Quarantine.

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