Friday, October 16, 2009

The Stepfather / Stepfather II

So after seeing the remake today I felt the need to go back and watch the original film and its sequel. This reaffirmed my love for Terry O'Quinn's performances and why I knew he was an actor whose career was on the rise. The opening sequence is bloodier and more visceral than in the remake which makes the transition from inside the home to the outside world ever more unsettling and the story line with the young girl, played by Jill Schoelen, whose father died still worked better in holding my interest and sympathy. As for the sequel, it was great seeing how he was brought back even if the story was not a tight as in the first film and the relationship was now with a divorced mother played by Meg Foster - whose has the most incredible blue eyes ever - and her son played by the late Jonathan Brandis. Both films are still great and hold up well regardless of being part of the rampant Hollywood 80's remake machine.

Click here to check our the trailer for the original The Stepfather.

Click here to check out the trailer for Stepfather II.

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