Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

I did not know anything about this movie but I loved Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant from 1992 that starred Harvey Keitel with the unforgettable scene where he pull's over two young women for speeding and makes the driver give him a blow job before letting them go with a warning - and you see his penis too! This is not a sequel but Nicholas Cage is a New Orlean's police lieutenant who starts out hooked on prescription drugs for his back pain and then starts snorting coke, has a prostitute girlfriend played by Eva Mendes, is trying to solve a drug multi-murder case while owing his bookie played by Brad Dourif for not making the spread of the game of the week. Other cast members include Val Kilmer as another crooked cop, long-time no-see hottie Fairuza Balk - in a lovey black bra and panties - as a female cop over seeing a police evidence locker room, and Tom Bower and Jennifer Coolidge as Cage's recovering AA father and still drunk on beer stepmother. The movie is interesting and is art house and indie film fodder at its best with a few surreal moments thrown in to really make the audience laugh. If you like your cops really bad and strung out then check this film out and you will not believe the luck that gets thrown to Cage's character as you are hauled away to the last scene and the light come up.

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