Thursday, November 12, 2009

Broken Lizard @ GW Lisner Auditorium

The boys were in town tonight and they rocked the Lisner with skits and every member of the group getting their turn at the mic as part of their comedy tour de force. Just before the show got started I realized Lynda Carter - aka Wonder Woman - was setting in front of me and I pointed this our to my friend Sharon who was the only black person at the show apparently from the third row view. To get the show started, Steve told masturbation stories about himself and his fellow troopers much to the chagrin of Carter who learned that Jay had a Wonder Woman poster he liked to "make love to" at age thirteen but she recovered well and was laughing just like the rest of us in the audience. It was great seeing bits from each of their movies replayed on the stage and original material along with a large amount of audience participation. Their next movie, The Slammin' Salmon is due in theaters on December 11th and stars Michael Clarke Duncan, Olivia Munn and many more celebrity cameos - I can't wait to get my tickets.

Click here to check out the Broken Lizard official website.

Click here to see The Slammin' Salmon trailer or here for the Red Band trailer.

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