Friday, November 6, 2009

The Fourth Kind

Director Olatude Osumsanmi brings us the true story of Doctor Abigail Tyler and the shared fear and mystery surrounding inhabitants in a small Alaska community who are terrorized by dreams of a white owl. The film is split between real case footage from Dr. Tyler's work and re-enactments and dramatizations featuring Milla Jovovich as Tyler. The split screening and dramatizations tend to be distracting more than engaging as the film unfolds but the real footage is very engaging and at points down right frightening. The footage where one of the patients is actually possessed by an alien or entity is startling and the aftermath where he literally breaks his own spine from the remenbered encounter under hypnosis is horrific. The ending sequence between Dr Tyler and the director on where things stand now is disturbing and sad but makes you really wonder what is out there waiting to mess with your life and you cannot stop it.

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