Friday, November 6, 2009

The Box

The writer and director of the cult favorite film Donnie Darko brings us a creepy morality play based on a Richard Matheson short story. Basically a disfigured stranger played by Frank Langella delivers a box to Cameron Diaz with a simple proposition in which she has 24 hours to press the button on a box and she will receive 2 million dollars but the catch is that someone she does not know will die. The film is intriguing and the web woven between the receivers and the victims of the the box is well crafted. There is only one moment in the film where the juxtaposition seems off but maybe this was due to a poor edit that may be resolved in the DVD director's cut. The film goes to show that Richard Matheson regardless of year is one of the best prolific writers we have ever had and can deliver a mean little story that will always pack a punch.

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