Sunday, January 11, 2009

After Dark Horrorfest - 8 Films To Die For III: Perkin's 14

This film did not make the line up at the theaters where I am seeing Horrorfest this year. So instead of a review of this film, I am going to vent on the complete mismanagement of Horrorfest this year by After Dark Films and Phoenix Theaters Union Station 9. So this is going to be more than five sentences.

After Dark Films, what the hell is up? You set up a website and an emailing list so your loyal fans could get updates on this year's films but did not deliver. The only email updates I got was that email updates would be coming. Really now? The website has sections that are not even completed and have coming soon still posted. Hello! Horrorfest started on Friday! What good is the site after the fact? Also, last year a weekend pass was issued so that fans could buy it in advance to see all of the films at their local theater with a cool t-shirt and swag. This, year I had to buy each move ticket on its own and no ticketing information was ever posted on the site. What happened to the theaters? The list just dropped in the number of locations with no explanation. I will have to assume you could not get your list of films together so you would have a full line up to show and that is why I am not seeing Perkins' 14. And who had the retarded idea of pushing the fest in to the next year during the Oscar film screening sweet spot? It seems you went out of your way to upset fans and derail the event that we have come to love.

Phoenix Theaters Union Station 9! Holy crap! The theater is a dump even if it has new leather seats. The films where mostly out of focus and would jump off the screen at least once at most showings. The ticket takers had no idea what the show times were and could not even answer what films were showing. I really enjoyed watching the mice running back and forth across the floor and in between unsuspecting patrons feet in front of me. But nothing beats the drunken homeless man who kept wondering in and out of the theater mumbling and cursing as he stumbled in and out of seats to find a warm place to nap.

Please get your act together if you hope at all to have another Horrorfest. As much as I love gong to the theater to see this each year, I will never go back to Phoenix Theaters Union Station 9 after the final film is shown this Sunday.

Your adamant and dejected fan!

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Anonymous said...

The mice at the Union Station theater are really disconcerting. Needless to say, I stopped eating my popcorn after I put it on the ground. I will only be attending films at the Gallery Place Regal from now on.