Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Bloody Valentiine 3D

Our latest 1980's remake gets the full 3D treatment and brings with it the classic 1980's R-rated staples of bloody gore and full-frontal female nudity. If you stripped away the 3D element, you would still have a pretty decent film despite the CGI blood elements. The highlight of my film experience today were the antics in the crowd versus the images on the screen. Why must my horror films always be disrupted by some self-entitled idiot who thinks because they paid their $10.50 that they get to disrupt everyone's movie going experience by continually dropping the f-bomb, talking to the screen, and letting everyone in the audience in on the intimate details of their lives in the loudest way possible? My consolation was delighting in watching the individual finally get removed from the theater by the local police to joyous and rapturous cheers from my fellow audience members - awesome!

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