Sunday, January 11, 2009

After Dark Horrorfest - 8 Films To Die For III: Autopsy

This was the last film of this year's Horrorfest for me and it was a blast with a slew of genre actors, bloody gore, and hilarious moments. I am surprised this did not get a larger release beyond Horrorfest with Robert Patrick, Jenette Goldstein, Michael Bowen and Robert LaSardo as our murderous hospital staff and sole survivor Jessica Lowndes, who was great previously in Tobe Hooper's Dance of the Dead episode for Masters of Horror. Adam Giersch has a long list of writing credits in the horror genre and has made the freshman leap to director with a fine film that many a late night renter will be enjoying soon. The opening montage with the kick-ass music let me know that this movie was going to be a fun romp for the next ninety minutes. A definite addition to my personal horror collection when the After Dark Films eight-pack hits the shelves by spring.

There was no official website at the time of this posting.

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